Adopt a Super Coral
and join Kevin in saving the Reef

Pocillopora Eydouxi is one of the many coral species that Coral Gardeners helps to thrive. Thanks to adoptions like Kevin‘s, we are able to find Super Corals that resist bleaching events. We multiply and grow them on ropes in our nursuries and monitor their growth until they can be re-introduced on the reef.

50% of coral reefs are already dead, but together we can reverse this trend and save the reef.

Pocillopora Eydouxi

Pocillopora Eydouxi
Thanks to you, we can repopulate the reef with fragments of this resilient super coral to help preserve our oceans - coral reefs are the foundations of a healthy ocean - we rely on them, alongside 25% of all marine life, to survive - but due to rising ocean temperatures, they could be the first ecosystem to collapse - 

S 17°28.420, W 149°47.143

Mo’Orea, French Polynesia

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Pocillopora Eydouxi


Adopted by Kevin Chauvet